Tuesday, May 6, 2008

URL not allowed error: Google Sitemaps error: Blog on Blogspot.com

URL not allowed error: Google Sitemaps error: Blog on Blogspot.com
(The sitemaps addition of your blog (on Blogspot.com) to Google may not be successful as URL got blocked.)

While applying SEO techniques (Search engine Optimisation) to my Blog, I came to know about Goggle Sitemaps.Google Sitemaps let you submit the links from your website to Goggle search engine crawler for better and faster indexing. To take advantages of Goggle Sitemaps, one need a Webmaster account with Google for the sites, which he/she manages.
I created my account in Google Webmaster tools and submitted “atom.xml” and “rss.xml” files, as sitemaps file, initially.

Next day when I checked my Webmaster account for Sitemaps statistics report, I got the errors as follows.
URL not allowed. This url is not allowed for a sitemap at this location. See the image below.

Means Google didn’t found atom.xml and rss.xml file. I clicked on "Help" icon for details of error. Here I got some clue.

It first indicated clearly that atom.xml file should be in root of the website. It also indicated that atom.xml should not be on any other redirected domain or website. Being a Blog on blogspot.com, it is not possible to control the physical location of these files on blogspot server.

I checked the Blogspot Sitefeed entries here I found the entry for "Post Feed Redirect URL" like “http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/fGLf “. See the Image below.
Immediately I guessed what is going wrong. When crawler come to check “rss.xml” file or “atom.xml” file it checks it in the root directory of website. Here, it was getting redirected to feedburner site, and started giving an error. So without wasting a seconds, I deleted feedburner entry (of course for time being) and re-submitted the sitemaps.

Voila! this time within half an hour Google crawler Okayed it. It seems the problem is solved . Rest is depend on Time table of Google which will index my blog. Of course, it is not going to take months time which happens usually.

On further digging, I came to know that there is no need to remove feedburner entry. Instead you can append the sitemaps file name as rss.xml?redirect=false , instead plain rss.xml. It will serve the purpose. Same is true for atom.xml file.

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