Friday, February 29, 2008

Automatic Defraging in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, Windows Disk Defragmenter has an option to run it at scheduled times. This feature is provided via Control panel.

I read somewhere that this schedule task always runs at low priority of CPU. The underlying disk access algorithm is changed so that it doesn’t put overheads on system and affect its performance.

As in windows XP you need at least 15% of free disk space in order to run Defrag without getting halt at 10% of its completion. In windows Vista there is no such restriction. t seem the bar of 15% free disk space in removed.

I am eagerly waiting for arrival of final and stable version of Windows vista SP1. The reason: Current user interface of Defrag is over simplified and here lies the catch. It doesn’t allow you to select which partition or volume to defrag. In SP1, this problem is going to be fixed and options are going to be provided to select the drive letter.

Here is a Step by Step method to run Defrag Automatically in Vista

1. Click on Start
2. Choose Control Panel
3. Select the Control Panel Home
4. Click on System and Maintenance
5. In the Administrative Tools, click Defragment your hard drive
6. You may need to grant permission to run the disk fragmentr
7. Click on Run automatically (recommended)
8. Click OK

Happy Defragging

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eleven Secure web communication Tips

In recent past TECHFREAK sent SMS to its subscribers on Secure web communication. Following are the selected Tips. Rememebr , these tips are sent via SMS services , where charater limit is only 140 characters.
11 . A session is specific to the webuser and for each user a newsession is created to track all the request from that user.
10. HTTP is statless protocol,by implementing HTTP SessionManagement,websites manages& tracks HTTP states & conns.
9. 128 bit SSL encryption in HTTPS is diehard to break thats, whybank,creditcard e-com sites prefer it.IE5.5+,Firefox 1.0+ supports 128bitenc.
8. Part 1/2: Man-in-the-middle attack(MITM):In which an attacker is able toread,insert, modify the data between two parties.
7. Part 2/2: ...without either party knowing that the link between them hasbeen compromised.HTTPS prevent it by using encryption.
6. When request Send via https, browser's HTTPS layer encrypts it.The responfrm server also encrypted & browser's HTTPS sublayer deccrypt it.
5. QUIZ.What makes HTTPS secure....?Answer: Encryption of data using SecureSocket Layer
4. HTTP typically uses port 80 , while HTTPS uses port 443.These setting canbe changed at webserver level.
3. Https is not separate protocol.It is basically a HTTP over an encryptedSecure Sockets Layer(SSL)or Transport Layer Security(TLS)conection.
2. Difference between HTTP & HTTPS? Ans-1:HTTP is Stateless Protocol,whileHTTPS is Stateful.
1. HTTP is termed as stateless protocol becauz each command is executedindependently without any knowledge of the commands that came before it.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Administrator password in windows 2008 Server

I downloaded the ISO of windows 2008 Server and burnt the CD. I tried to install it on my Intel Quad Core CPU based system. The installation was a monotonous job, as I did not encounter any problem or configuration issue.

After successful installation, the system rebooted and it reach to a stage where it asked me to enter a Administrator password for fist time login. Here I selected my old windows 2000 server password as I don’t want to remember any more new password. As I really don’t need that kind of stringent security as Microsoft expect from me, I thought old password would worked for me. Here only Windows 2008 showed its true color. I got the message.
The message indicated: Passwords must meet complexity requirements

I tried various combinations but in vain. None of the password worked for me.
I read the help document on Microsoft website. It says password must have
English uppercase characters (A through Z)
• English lowercase characters (a through z)
• Numerals (0 through 9)
• Non-alphabetic characters (such as !, $, #, %)

The password must contain one CAPITAL letter, one number and one small letter or non-alphabetic r. So my password, which was earlier alphanumeric as “safe2092”, couldn’t work. I just changed it to “Safe2092” and it starts working.
Bottom line: Just use one CAPITAL letter in your old alphanumeric password that’s all to satisfy the complexity requirement of windows 2008.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Copy Paste between Linux and Windows, using VNC Viewer

Question: How to Copy Paste between Linux and windows applications using VNC Viewer?
You are running a VNC Server on your Linux box and you are using
VNC Viewer to view LinuxScreen on your MS Windows XP. Now you want to copy text from your MS word application on Windows XP and Paste it to Office Application of Linux (Say Writer or Kword). How to do this?If you want to perform copy and paste operation between MS Windows application only, irrespective of the system on which they are running, you can achieve it easily by using Right Click button of Mouse and selecting copy and Paste. But here the case is different. Here two different system (Windows and Linux) are in picture and two different applications are there. Though you can see both the desktops Windows as well as Linux via VNC Viewer, on Windows XP, it is not a straightforward task as it appears.But the solution is simple, use “vncconfig”.The use of “vncconfig” enables you to achieve this. Just run “vncconfig &” in GUI console on Linux. You will get pop up window on your windows XP system. Keep all the settings in “Checked” state and try copy-paste operation

Monday, February 11, 2008


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