Friday, February 29, 2008

Automatic Defraging in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, Windows Disk Defragmenter has an option to run it at scheduled times. This feature is provided via Control panel.

I read somewhere that this schedule task always runs at low priority of CPU. The underlying disk access algorithm is changed so that it doesn’t put overheads on system and affect its performance.

As in windows XP you need at least 15% of free disk space in order to run Defrag without getting halt at 10% of its completion. In windows Vista there is no such restriction. t seem the bar of 15% free disk space in removed.

I am eagerly waiting for arrival of final and stable version of Windows vista SP1. The reason: Current user interface of Defrag is over simplified and here lies the catch. It doesn’t allow you to select which partition or volume to defrag. In SP1, this problem is going to be fixed and options are going to be provided to select the drive letter.

Here is a Step by Step method to run Defrag Automatically in Vista

1. Click on Start
2. Choose Control Panel
3. Select the Control Panel Home
4. Click on System and Maintenance
5. In the Administrative Tools, click Defragment your hard drive
6. You may need to grant permission to run the disk fragmentr
7. Click on Run automatically (recommended)
8. Click OK

Happy Defragging

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