Saturday, March 1, 2008

Windows Vista Problems: Control panel not open , No personalize settings , No printing

Many times MS Windows vista behave erratically. Many users have experienced differently. The most common problems are as follows

1. You click on Control panel, but it doesn’t get open. It may open for a moment, but closed down immediately , OR ...........
2. You want to change Display properties (select the Personalize.)Option, but it cannot get opened , OR ................
3. You want to print a document, but it failed to print though printer is correctly installed, you have already taken hundreds of printout in past. But now , you are not getting printouts ,OR..............
4. You want to open System Properties by right clicking on My Computer icon , but Property page cannot get open , Or .......................
May be much more........................

Any of this kind of problem just annoys the user as it creates frustration and raises doubt about the stability of Windows Vista.
1.Of course Microsoft is aware about these problem very well, hence it release a Hot-Fix for it.

Many users claimed that this Hot fix is not serving the purpose either.
But the more universal solution is here.
1. Click Start, Run CMD
2. Run Services.msc
3. Select Software Licensing service, just restart it.
4. Select SL UI Notification service and restart it.

The restarting of these services will solve the problem time being. To get rid-off of these problems permanently, you may have to wait for SP1

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Mentor Matt said...

My problem was a bit different. The Control Panel showed NO icons and it did NOT close down its window. It was simply blank control panel on Vista. The solution I found had 3 steps, and I found it here:

swati said...

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