Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 using Download manager

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 using Download manager
So finally Microsoft has come out with its first Service pack for Windows Vista.(SP1)

How to download Standalone Installer?

We know it is 435 MB single file. You can very well download it from Microsoft’s website, but here lies a catch. If you try to download it using your Internet explorer 7 & Free download manager, the chances are that Free Download Manager will not pickup this file for download. This download will just bypass the FDM and you are force to download it using IE. The risk is: If download get broken, you have to start again from scratch.

How to download using Download Manager?
(Of course will require a URL for download)
1. Open Internet Explorer, and go to Vista SP1 download page. Donot Click on Download.
2. Copy the URL from Address Bar.
3. Open your Firefox browser, and paste the URL. Now Click on Download button & try to download via Firefox.
4. Firefox will start downloading the Sp1 file. Now click on Pause in Firefox download screen to pause the download.
5. Now it is paused. Right Click on File name. You will see three options, Resume, Cancel and Properties
6. Click on Properties. You will see the downloaded file URL in “From” field.
7. Copy this URL by selecting it via Mouse and pressing CTRL-C.
8. Open your Download manager, and Paste this URL in “Create New Download option or any other option which permits you to enter URL manually. To paste use CTRL-V
9. Now you are ready to download it with Download Manager.

I use this method and I found URL for SP1 is

Note: In other case this URL may get changed and not work .So rely on URL provided by Firefox.
Happy Downloading

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