Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kodak DVC 325: No Support in Windows Vista & XP SP2

I purchased Kodak DVC 325, a web cam in 2002. At that time windows 2000 was prevailing OS and windows XP was trying to gain a foot. The camera worked just fine.

Then came windows XP and it forced me to download and install the camera driver from Kodak web site.The bugs in windows XP and other security issues forced Microsoft to release Service pack 2. It seems it was a death knell for DVC325 camera in windows world.

The camera just stopped functioning. Again Kodak has provided, what it feel is a “driver for Windows XP Sp2”. When I tried to rejuvenate this camera by installing this driver, it just made entire Windows XP SP2 unstable. The driver never got installed as it stuck up at installation of USB component.( usbcamd.sys)

Any attempt to install this driver hangs the system and compel you to use RESET button of PC, to restart the system. After restarting ,windows run Chkdsk ,( due to unclean shutdown) which may destroy your data and software.

Now comes Big brother Windows Vista

The Kodak website lists the name of Windows vista in type of OS in driver download section. But when you select it , the website inform you politely ( A typical cyber way to deny).
We're sorry, there are no downloads available for WINDOWS VISTA. Please select a different operating system from the menu above.
{ Why should I select different OS , when I know I am using Windows Vista? }

As far a Windows Vista is concern, it has no concern for this camera hence in inbuilt support is missing.Kodak is one step ahead of Microsoft , by stating that “
We no longer offer technical support by phone or e-mail for this product as it has been discontinued.

Both Kodak and Microsoft rendered this working camera into “dead hardware piece” or “electronic waste”.
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