Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mozilla Thunderbird , an alternative to MS Outlook Requires restart

Even after typing correct username and password if you are getting message like “Sending of password did not succeed .Mail server responded Bad login
I am back!! Last few weeks i couldn't write blog. But now i am back and will keep writing as usual.
Normally I use my Webmail account to read my emails instead desktop email clients. It gives me lot of flexibility. But due to some reasons , I have decided to start using desktop email clients.
Obiviously, MS Outlook was the first choice. But this time I decided to do different.I decided to use open source email clients as an alternative to MS outlook.
I started reading on net about it I came across many articles, I found the article ... is very useful.
Finally I convinced with the features of Mozilla Thunderbird.I downloaded it from Mozilla website and installed. The installation was cool.
Next I tried to configure it to communicate with my mail server. I created my account and gave the password.When i tried to connect to mail server using Get Mail link I received the following error.
Sending of password did not succeed .Mail server responded Bad login
Earlier I thought it was due to error in password or username. I retyped it , tried again but again it gave the same error.
I tried another trick. I opened the my webmail account in web browser and typed the same user name and password. I succeed as I Log in successfully.
Now I was in catch. The same username and password was working fine with webmail account but giving an error with Mozilla Thunderbird account! What a situation.I resinstalled the Thunderbird but in vain.
I googled for this problem. I read many topics on this problem,but none of the solution was applicable to my problem. At one place I got an hint.The hint was about “bad profile”. I gave a thought for while. I decided to reload the profile first and if it fail to recreate. To reload a profile I choose to restart a system as I restarted Thunderbird many times earlier.
After retstart , I clicked on Get mail icon in Thunderbird and this time Voila! It works. Thunderbird just get connected to mail server as nothning as happend.
Do I need to tell which version of MS windows am I using? Of course it MS Windows Vista with SP1 , Business edition.

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