Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FireFox 3 : The Competitor of IE 8: Usability and some other issues

FireFox 3 claims to be an enhanced version of FireFox 2.However I observed some issues which may annoy you.But it is worth to consider as "competitor to IE 8"
Today being a download day (17 June 2008), I downloaded FireFox 3 as I pledged. No need to say as Mozilla poised to set a Guinness Book of record for its one million downloads in a day, It took me total 15miniutes to download 7.14 MB FireFox setup file on my broadband connection.
I uninstalled the previous version and installed the FireFox 3. The installation was cool. When I launched the FireFox, it gave me some error related to Hindi language add-on pack. As I was in hurry to explore this new version, I just ignored it and went ahead.
The nice, cool interface of FireFox 3 was ahead of me. I started glairing at screen and clicked on various options to find out “what is New”.

As I have yet to explore it fully, so far I have noticed some “uncomfortably things”

1.FireFox 3 importes the bookmarks from Bookmarks Toolbar of IE 7. It arranged in alphabetical order on Bookmarks Toolbar. User not desire it, as user always set their bookmark as per the relevance and importance of websites for them.
I noticed it immediately when I clicked on very first bookmark (which is my this blog begins with Letter “T”) and in returned, it opened some other book marked webpage.
Missing Forms and Dom Inspector feature in Tools menu. I am so used to use these features; the missing of Form feature really annoyed me.
3. I usually visit the Hindi language website I download the font from website and installed properly in my XP system. Though I am able to see this site properly in IE 7 without any problem , I could not see the font ( Which is True Type font) properly in FireFox 3. May be some thing need to be set in FireFox 3, which I don’t know at this stage, but it also causing annoyance
As I have yet to explore it fully, I hope to come back with some more observations. but one thing is sure,Microsoft will soon consider FireFox 3 as its competitor.Tough time ahead for IE-8
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