Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to extract pages from PDF document

There are lot of PDF extractor or editors are available but most of them are not free.You can use PDF printer to extract PDF pages.

Last week I felt a need to extract a single page from a PDF document,which was having 83 pages.I searched on web for any PDF extractors or editors.I couldn't get the suitable one as most of them are either sharewares or put their own watermark on extracted pages.

The good one are the paid one.

Suddenly an idea clicked in my mind.I realized that Bullzip,a freeware PDF printer is already installed on my system,which I use to convert my MS word documents to PDF.There are whole lot of well established freeware PDF printers like PDF995,CutePDF, PDFcreator, doPDF,Go2PDF etc are available.PDF printer always creates output as PDF file.

Simple method to get PDF page from PDF document

We know that when we issue a print command via GUI,we have various choices like (1) we can print whole document,(2)we can print a Selection in document and (3)we can print the page range in document.To extract a pages from PDF document,I relied on third option i.e. range of pages.I simply loaded the documents in Adobe Acrobat and clicked on Print icon.From the drop down of available Printer list,I selected Bullzip PDF printer,and in print range I entered Pages from 36 to 36.Later I clicked on OK button to print.I entered the PDF file name for page no 36, as c:\page36.pdf and clicked on Save button.Voila!! The single page is now saved as separate file.

Basically,you can use PDF printer to save or extract(?) the page(s) from PDF document,you cannot use it to edit the PDF file or to remove page from PDF document.Instead of single page,you can select the page range too, hence multiple pages can also be extracted to single file.

Happy PDF extraction


egb said...

That was nice information.

MCB said...

Thnak you for the information

Janitha said...

This was exactly what I was looking for when I searched for "how to extract PDF pages". Thank you so much!!

lilywong said...

Great tip! And such a simple way to do this - even easier than the Extract Pages functions within Adobe Acrobat Professional. Thanks!


@janitha and @ Lilywong... OK! thanks.. its great to hear your feedback.

Scott said...

I tried extracting several pages using CutePDF and it did not work. The only time I could get this tip to work is by individually extracting a single page by using the "print current page" option and not the "range" option.

Anonymous said...

Excellent tip. Thanks a lot!