Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A workaround to Run IE 9 Beta and IE 8 simultaneously on same PC!

Run IE 9 or any other browser without installing it. May be , you don’t want to take a risk to install beta version / platform preview of IE or any browser on your existing windows having stable web browser.

After launching platform preview, Microsoft has recently launched Beta of Internet Explorer ver. 9. It has yet to release a final stable version.
If you want to try IE 9 you need to install it on your system. Being Beta version, chances are that it would affect the stability of your system. And if you are in between the web application development activities, it would be advised not to install at all any beta version. I did also come across the same situation, but fortunately I found what it called “Browser Sand boxing” methods.
Browser sand boxing can be achieved by various ways. However there are many popular ways.
1. Use Sandboxie , a standalone installable software
2. Use online Sandboxing methods
3. Use virtualization

The first method i.e. use of Sandboxie software ( requires driver to be install on your system. If you don’t have sufficient privileges on your system to disable firewalls or you don’t want to install that driver, you will be refrain from using it. Also Sandboxie is not a freeware , it comes with 30 day evaluation license.

The web based online Sandboxing methods seems to be pretty cool. One such solution provider is Here you will find whole lot of web browsers available. The use of these services also requires plug-in to be installed. Once plug-in is installed you can run many web browser having different version from single desktop. Take a case, you may see the Six different version of IE , Six different versions of Firefox etc on this site. Just click on desired version of browser and it will run in new window.

In fact it is extremely helpful to test your web application in different browsers. You can also test websites’ web pages look and feel across various browsers. The crux is , no need to install any of browser , but you can use it seamlessly.

The only limitation so far is it works with Microsoft Windows, not with Ubuntu or any other Linux. Hope so that it will be available on other platform too.

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