Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Windows 7 Faster? Performance of Windows 7 Beta. Is it really matter?

You may have noticed and experienced the faster performance of Windows 7 as compared to Windows Vista. But the figures are trying to tell something else...
As I installed beta version of Windows 7 on pre-installed Windows Vista system , I decided to quantify the performance. First I run the Microsoft's own performance measurement tool in Windows Vista via control panel. Before running this tool, I assured that latest drivers are installed and Windows Vista installation is clean i.e no other software or application is installed
The following Hardware configuration is used.
Motherboard : Intel DG33FB
RAM 1 GB, 800 MHz
Graphics : On board graphics controller Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
Operating Systems
Windows Vista : 32 Bit OS with SP1
Windows 7 : 64 Bit edition
The score with Windows Vista 32 bit OS was 3.1 , while the score obtained with Windows 7 , 64 bit edition was mere 3.2, a difference of mere 0.1 on the scale of 1.0 to 7.9.See the attached Images.

Performance with Windows Vista(32 bit)

Performance with Windows 7 (64 bit)

The only notable difference was on Processor component. While Windows 7(64 bit) Scored 7.1 points , windows Vista(32 bit) scored 5.9. I think that may be due to largely 64 bit vs 32 bit edition.
Point to note that I have not installed the native drivers of chipset and motherboard in Windows 7 as they are not available yet.
No doubt , windows 7 make you feel and experience as Faster and responsive system, but on the front of Statistics and numbers the story is different.
As Windows 7 is in beta edition , I know my observations may not be complete and lacks many factors.


My + You said...

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Andrew Luetgers said...

Ok so i dont have win7 i have vista and it drive sme nuts how slow it is.... and i know its becase vista is a dog not my comp. That said i can eeeeaaasily see how win 7 will not make the comp faster but will make the ui more responsive. This will not show up on any benchmark.