Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Windows 7 doesn't show Vista Drive

You may not be able to see Windows Vista volume via Windows 7 beta. A simple work around will make your lifer easier... just assign drive letter to it

Firstly ... Wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2009.

MS released its next successor of ill reputed Windows Vista in form of Windows 7 beta on 09-January 2008.Since last several months there was lot of talk about project Vienna and leak of this product on pirated sites. Finally Windows 7 saw a light of release and its actual download starts from 10 Jan 2009.

I downloaded the 64 bit version of Windows 7 ( Windows 6.1.7000). A 3.15 GB download took more than 10 hours to download. I burned the DVD from ISO file and booted my existing Vista PC with this DVD.After successful installation , I greeted by Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) clad desktop and it was my first tryst with Windows 7.

As usual I started exploring Windows 7 and in background of my mind , I was comparing it vis a vis with Vista. Lot of improvements in explorer shell , improved task bar , control panel impressed me. The most noticeable difference I observed was “responsive” factor. Windows 7 appears to be more responsive than Vista.

So while I was comparing Windows 7 with Vista, I thought why not compare the directory structure of both of the OS. So I decided to open Vista's Windows folder.
To my utmost surprise there was no vista drive in Computer. Though all other drives were visible , Vista OS drive was missing.

So I right clicked on Computer , selected Manage option. Here I selected Disk management. Again to my surprise , Vista drive was very much showing as one of the partition.
To investigate further , I right clicked on Vista drive to see its property. Here I notice the volume label unusual. The Volume label was
I also noticed that there was no drive letter assigned to this volume. So tried to assigned a drive letter. The moment I assigned the drive letter , this volume label changed to Vista drives volume label at its own.

So my problem get solved. Now Vista drive in appearing in Computer too. So bottom line , IF you are not able to see Vista drive via Windows 7 , just assign a drive letter to it through Disk manager.
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Anonymous said...

sounds interestin... think i'll try it if i get hold of it... btw, do u know any site whr it is compared with Ubuntu?


Yes many sites, might be I will try myself in next week.. so be in touch.

1. Anyway ZDNet is right and authentic place. So you may visit

2. Martin notes is equally good source

Right now ,I am evaluating the performance of Vista and Windows 7.