Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Memory utilization by Windows 7 beta

If you have formed "opinion" that windows 7 test version manages Memory in much better way than Vista, then think again.
Since the launch of Windows 7 beta, I am constantly reading about it. Most of the users sounded their opinion that it gives better performance than vista. My own finding reveals something else which I published in previous blog. Another point about Windows 7, which I came across is it better memory management capability. This time, I decided to explore it too.
Since last several years ,for Windows memory management tasks , I rely on a freeware utility known as Meminfo.It is lightweight utility and I uses it mainly to free up the RAM via its Memory Defragmenter feature.( You may get it from )

I installed Meminfo in Windows 7 and then restarted the system. After 5 minutes,I checked the Meminfo figures. Oh... No....Windows 7 is using hugh amount of memory that is more than 60%. I have not installed or loaded any application,any anti virus software so far.Meminfo is the only 3rd part software installed by me.The only task which have been doing on regular basis is Updates of windows 7. In last 15 days, I might have updated Windows 7 atleast 3-4 times. Thats all.

So again I switched back to routine tasks, i.e. running of Memory Defragmenter from Meminfo. I defragemented the memory, and this time memory usage by windows 7 was reduced to less than 40%. You can see these in figures below.

Memory utilization(57%) by Clean installed Windows 7

Memory utilization(37%) after Defragmenting the Memory

The question arises are.
Why Windows 7 is taking that much memory when it runs from scratch and installation is clean?Is it because Windows 7 is in beta stage?
2.The amount of memory taken by Windows 7 is almost equal to Vista. No significant difference.
3. Why we still need third party memory Defragmenter to optimize the usage of memory?
4. In windows 7 , there is very impressive tool called "Resource Monitor". Why cannot Microsoft provide the Memory optimization features too?
5. We have experienced that three process, SearchProtocalHost.exe ,SearchFilterHost and SearchIndexer.exe slows down Vista system significantly. Does these services are going to play the same role in Windows 7 too? At least figurus reveals the same.
Memeory Utilization : Before and After running Degramentor

Note:We know that the manner in which windows OS manages memory while dealing with read, write task from Hard disk , loading of software , managing application and windows in background is quite different from the startup. The actual memeory management consist handling such tasks only hence memeory managamenet capability should be judged from that apsects.But here , I tried to gauge the memory mamangement ability of plain vanila installation of Windows 7. This ise my primary findings, and I have yet to observe Windows 7 in action .

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